Bonnie Esposito

“In family law you are constantly learning… our role is to help clients meet their obligations in a way that is as advantageous as possible for them.”

CFLS is very proud to have the ongoing assistance of family lawyer Bonnie Esposito as a consultant. Bonnie is a passionate and highly experienced addition to our firm, bringing an established career in law, well-aligned values, and a natural desire to help those she works with.

Bonnie’s interest in working within the law began whilst studying at the University of Melbourne, followed by a post-graduate diploma at the College of Law – where she has since served as an adjunct lecturer. Following her admission to practice in 2009, she started her career as a commercial litigator, working for one of Australia’s leading law firms. However, it was a fascination with the complexities of human behavior that led Bonnie to make the transition to helping clients within the family law space. Bonnie was at the helm of her own family law practice Focus on Family as a sole practitioner, later earning a nomination in 2020 for Sole Practitioner of the Year at the Women in Law Awards.

Bonnie’s expertise includes: parenting matters, property division, child support, family violence and intervention orders, grandparent access, and ex-parte recovery orders. During her time as a family law practitioner, she has also appeared for clients in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia, developing a wide range of skills, experience and understanding of how to best work with each individual client. Bonnie’s strengths lie in her clear communication skills, robust moral compass and impressive ability to adapt to her clients’ needs.

The connection between Bonnie and Creative Family Law Solutions grew from a shared desire to offer family law solutions that are holistic, client-centered and support the resolution of matters with as little Court intervention as possible. Bonnie looks forward to collaborating with Susan Hamilton-Green and the team, in addition to the professionals within the CFLS community.

Outside of work, Bonnie is a disciplined and passionate learner, holding a Juris Doctor from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology/ Psychophysiology. When she is not spending time with her family, Bonnie enjoys studying philosophy and mastering rollerblading

Learn more about Bonnie at: http://www.focusonfamily.com.au