Antonia He

“I want to work with people through their challenging real-life situations… it’s really satisfying to know that you are guiding someone and their family forward.”

As an Independent Children’s Lawyer supporting CFLS, Antonia He naturally embodies the skills and qualities of a focused, empathetic lawyer who cares deeply about the lives and outcomes of her clients.

Hailing from the northeast border of China and Russia, Antonia completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in English in China, before moving to Sydney to complete her Juris Doctor degree at the University of Sydney. After exploring different avenues of law, it was the personal and impactful nature of family law that captured Antonia’s attention. Admitted to practice in 2018, Antonia began her career exclusively in family law at a boutique Sydney law firm.

Antonia moved to Melbourne for the four-seasons-in-one-day weather (truly!) and diverse lifestyle, and made the move to Victoria where she later joined the CFLS team in our Independent Children’s Law department. Her affection for the law’s structure is balanced by a drive to meet people where they are at, and to advocate for the needs of her clients. Antonia’s calm, warm and mature approach allows her clients – no matter their age – to feel at ease and understood. Working in Independent Children’s Law has allowed Antonia to take a step back from the traditional process of supporting one client, to focus on the needs and best interests of children, and to facilitate discussions so that each party can reach amicable agreements. She is highly capable and confident in her practice, supporting those around her with care and kindness, taking joy in the moments when a positive outcome is achieved for a family.

A lover of reading, writing and communication, Antonia’s ability to unpack ideas and concepts allows her to organically connect with her clients and colleagues. She has been a keen crime reader since childhood, intrigued by the details, character motivations and unraveling of events that each story can bring. Her other hobbies equal that of a modern renaissance woman, with the dynamic sport of archery, paired with the creative, methodical interests of cooking, crocheting, cross-stitching and amateur drawing in her skillset. Antonia is a great asset to our team, who we are very proud and excited to work with.