Creative Family Law Solutions

Creative Family Law Solutions is a Melbourne-based, holistic family law and mediation practice offering innovative advice tailored to your needs.​​

Founded by leading family law practitioner Susan Hamilton-Green, CFLS is built upon the values of passion, empathy, collaboration and excellence – with a focus on empowering separating families as they move through the stormy weather towards the brighter days.

With over 30 years’ experience as a family lawyer, Susan is driven by a passion for helping families achieve balanced outcomes. She leads an empathetic, clear-eyed team of highly skilled practitioners, ready to collaborate with you and any other professionals in your support network to create your best future. When working with CFLS, you are choosing a deeply experienced practice that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to remain informed, confident and calm when working through your matter.

Informed by a collaborative ethos, Susan and her colleagues usher you through the legal process of your separation and provide support to help you address other aspects of your changing life landscape. Separation can be a profoundly life-changing experience unique to each person’s journey, and one best traversed with robust advice, support and empathy.

CFLS is committed to effective collaboration with complimentary professionals to help you achieve outcomes aligned with your goals. We are here to give you flexible, adaptable options that meet your needs. Our team are qualified, experienced and ready to help you at whichever stage you have arrived at in your separation journey.

Let’s begin walking the path towards a new and brighter day.