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to empower separating families to move through the stormy weather towards the bright sunshine!​



To remain excited and inspired about what we do and to work towards making the world a better place.
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To provide a client centred service that prioritises dignity, respect and safety. To listen and connect with all who approach us, to understand their journey, and assist them to achieve their aspirations for the future.


To create a team and establish a community, with a focus on empowerment, positivity, minimising trauma, in a timely and cost effective way. To celebrate diversity and creativity, and the unique strengths and characteristics that we each possess.

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To constantly add to knowledge and skills, and seek ways to improve ourselves to become the best that we can be, both personally and professionally, as individuals and as the CFLS Team. 

No two families – or their circumstances – are ever the same.

Having worked creatively with families seeking resolution for many years, I know a fresh, clear-eyed approach is required to achieving balanced outcomes for everyone.

Susan talking to clients Over the past 30 years I have supported separating families to understand the emotional aspect of the process, to better appreciate the unique options available to them, and to help them to work towards moving forward in a respectful, pragmatic way.

My experience has shown me that the court system fulfils an important function. In collaboration with this process, specialized practitioners can expand the range of possibilities open to clients, giving them the time and support to understand what is happening, empowering them to move forward in a way that suits their individual needs.

Creative Family Law Solutions are those specialized practitioners, ready with the time and legal expertise to support these clients. The goal for Creative Family Law Solutions is to work with other professionals in a team approach to promote the best outcome for each client’s individual circumstances. Our strengths, experience and qualifications make us collaborative partners well-suited to this task.

Susan Hamilton-Green

“I am fascinated by stories; those of people, of relationships, of life. I love to immerse myself in books, film, theatre and opera, being thrilled by the images and emotions live music and art evoke. I enjoy travel, especially to explore cultural and historical backdrops from far-off places. My great passion for the past 30 years has been yoga, and the gateway this provides for my internal spiritual journey and my own story.”

Qualifications and Experience

View my qualifications and experience here.

What people are saying

  • Susan helped me with a very complex divorce settlement.  She was clear, direct and understanding, ensuring that I obtained a fair deal. Her communication skills were excellent, which made it easier for everyone to agree on the outcome. I would recommend her to anyone going through a separation or negotiation process.

    — Lisa Riddell Town Planner
  • Susan has been a great option for our clients that are seeking a pragmatic and considered resolution to their family law matter. Susan is not only approachable for the clients but communicates effectively with all parties to ensure that their interests, positions and concerns are heard. All of my clients that have worked with Susan have left the mediation process feeling that the attention their matter received was personal and well prepared. I highly recommend Susan as a family dispute resolution practitioner.

    — Brynne Allen Family LawyerCarew Counsel
  • I am very grateful to Susan for her expert and reassuring advice, assisting me to navigate a very stressful 12 months. I am so happy with the outcome which allows me and my family to look forward to a bright future that continues to include my son in all of our lives. This outcome would not have been possible without her thoughtful guidance and reassuring presence throughout the year. I would recommend her to anyone going through a separation.

    — Sam Dodds Paramedic
  • I have known Susan Hamilton Green for many years. We have worked together in mediation and training. Susan has always been very professional in her approach with a very respectful and inclusive manner. She has the ability to make people feel at ease and they warm to her easily. Her knowledge of the issues assists parties to understand the conflict and helps to come to decisions that will benefit them. I have enjoyed working with her because we have been able to achieve a good result for the parties involved. I would heartily recommend Susan to any perspective client considering mediation.

    — Ena Shaw Registered Family Dispute Resolution PractitionerRegistered Psychologist
  • I have greatly valued working with Susan as mediator in my family law matters. I have found her to be professional, well prepared and always impartial. She has empowered the parties to talk realistically about their situation, and consider a wide range of ideas in moving towards an acceptable solution. Her expertise has provided a painless process for my clients, and enabled them to keep working together. I would highly recommend her for any parenting or financial matter.

    — Rosetta Traficante Family LawyerRT Legal Pty Ltd
  • Susan’s strategy enabled me to cope extremely well at mediation…with the notes and mechanisms Susan had equipped me with, I was able to keep the meeting focused and professional. The better than hoped for outcome would not have been achieved without the excellent coaching and guidance I received from Susan, and I will forever be hugely grateful for what she helped me achieve.

    — Cheryl Pyke CEO, Gell Property Pty LtdPhd(ip), BA, GDipBusAdmin. MBA, MProfEd&Trng(VET)
  • Sue and I recently worked together with a client to assist the client through the mediation process. Sue was invaluable in supporting and providing my client with the skills she needed to attend mediation. Whilst I provided legal advice to my client, Sue provided support through her conflict coaching and together we successfully worked as a team to assist my client to negotiate a successful outcome at mediation. My client was very happy with the skills Sue gave my client to support my client through the process and to focus of the mediation on the best interests of the children rather than the conflict between the parties. I enjoyed working with Sue, would use her again and would recommend her services to other family lawyers.

    — Jane Bentley Family LawyerCarew Counsel
  • Susan was friendly and kind and always made me feel comfortable. I would not have been able to get through this difficult part of my life without her guidance and support. She was always ready to listen, and made me feel that I could say what I wanted to. She was great at reminding me to think of what was important and what I hoped to gain. She helped me look at what would work, and what I could live with.

    — Mary Smith Field Officer