Susan Hamilton-Green

“I treat all my clients with respect, dignity and compassion, regardless of background or financial situation. I listen deeply, assist them to gain clarity as to their goals, and work to empower them to make the best decisions for their future.”

Susan Hamilton-Green is the Director, founder and Family Dispute Resolution specialist at the helm of Creative Family Law Solutions. Her connection to family law began at the age of five, when she experienced firsthand the conflicts and challenges of her own parent’s separation. Ultimately, this experience was a catalyst that shaped her insight, compassion, and open heart towards others in the family law system.

Before establishing Creative Family law Solutions, Susan worked for city firms across all areas of family law, having been admitted to practice as a solicitor in 1984, developing her strong negotiation skills and harboring her interest in exploring creative but practical ways to assist in the resolution of disputes. In 1990 she became accredited as a specialist in mediation by The Law Institute of Victoria and began her practice as a mediator through an internship with Michael Hunt at Relationships Australia in 1992, later completing a Graduate Diploma in Judicial Administration and Alternate Dispute Resolution in 1994. She is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation Scheme and completed her Graduate Diploma in Family Mediation in 2008.

Susan founded CFLS in 2005, ready to bring her experience, highly collaborative approach and uniquely tailored solutions to the community. Her vision was to empower and guide families through stormy waters and towards happier lives, putting action plans in place that would meet their goals and needs. She is an educator, mentor, trained arbitrator and conflict coach whose generosity, support and passion is immediately apparent.

Outside of law, she is enchanted by storytelling, be it through music, drama, literature or a live performance viewed and enjoyed alongside friends and family. She strives to learn more about the world, currently learning French and Scottish Gaelic, whilst studying neuroscience, motivational interviewing and conflict resolution to better understand how people, organisations and governments best approach and manage conflicts.