Pauline Von Schelling

“I think CFLS is an excellent family law business; it is generalist but focuses strongly on children’s issues.”

Pauline Von Schelling is Susan Hamilton-Green’s longtime personal assistant, bringing extensive skills, organization and an undeniable zest to the Creative Family Law Solutions team. Pauline began her career in law as a clerk, working in legal accounting at Stedman Cameron Law Firm in 1980. She met Susan the following year and in 1984, and their association began. Susan and Pauline moved together to Hogg and Reid in 1994 and, having created a strong team dynamic and working relationship with for over a decade.

In 2004, Pauline took a break from work to prioritize her family, whilst Susan left to explore mediation and different approaches to family disputes. Pauline’s ongoing support in her personal assistant role to Susan spans 30 years and is an invaluable part of the progress and success of CFLS. She is a pillar of support, with strong intuition and intellect regarding family law, who can be immediately recognised by her chic choice in footwear, clever sense of humor and dedication to her work.