The Value of the Visual in Mediation

When I first met Michael Hunt nearly 30 years ago, I was very impressed by his focus on the visual in mediation. He had white boards, butchers paper and many different coloured textas, and he used these very skillfully to support his role as a facilitative mediator.  He has since then taken this passion into…

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Good Communication When Working Remotely

This is an issue that we are all focused on at present! I was very lucky recently to be able to discuss this important topic with my great friend and colleague Marlene Ebejer. She is a leader in the family dispute resolution field, and it was a great privilege to have this discussion with her.…

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Tips for planning family activity during social isolation

Some ideas for making Covid-19 leave your family stronger and closer! Establish a routine for the whole family, talk about this, and communicate about it as a family so it is well understood and committed to by everyone Be flexible and creative to provide interest and variety, and to allow for improvement as time goes…

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