Tips for responding to vaccine hesitancy

Since the beginning of the COVID‐19 pandemic, we have all been challenged by how to respond to the new world, and what this means for our situation at work, for our families and for those that we are assisting to move through this new and constantly changing space. There have been times when many of…

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10 tips for what you do when you are newly separated

Separating from your partner can be overwhelming, and knowing where to begin or what to prioritise is not always easy. Often, our minds can focus on the most obvious and practical things, but there are also more personal aspects that deserve just as much attention. To help give you a starting point that will prepare…

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Tips for Good Conversation

CONVERSATION C          Have a Clear and purposeful intention for your conversation O         Be Open to the other person- try to put any assumptions or judgements to one side N         Be sensitive to the Non-verbal communication-notice the pitch, volume, pauses and energy in the other person’s speech, pay attention to whether the content of the words…

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The Impact of Family Violence on Children

The current world is one characterised by considerable uncertainty and anxiety. This can be an opportunity to step outside our comfort zones and develop new coping strategies for personal growth and resilience. But it can also be a time when relationship difficulties can become overwhelming and stress of this masks our ability to manage this…

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