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Quietening the Lizard Brain-tips for intake

As FDRPs and professionals working with family disputes, we come to recognize those clients who are stuck in the reptilian part of the brain, where fight, flight and freeze are the automatic responses. Neuroscience tells us that working with clients in this state is extremely difficult, and rational thinking and problem solving are unrealistic expectations.…

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Current Family Violence Issues

  I was recently lucky enough to be invited recently to attend training presented by Northern Integrated Family Violence Services. Understanding of family violence (FV), how to recognise it, and how to assist parties to cope with it, is a dynamic area, constantly evolving and developing. The prevalence of FV is astounding-1 in every 3 Australian…

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Lessons for FDR from Restorative Engagement

Jodie Grant recently presented a webinar for Resolutions Institute where she shared her considerable experience as an FDRP with family disputes, and as a facilitator with the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (DART) working with those who have suffered institutional abuse. She provided some fascinating insights as to the similarities and differences between these different areas.…

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The lure of ‘Mountain’ and the ACO

I recently attended the cinematic and musical odyssey with the Australian Chamber Orchestra “Mountain”. This is described as an essay on our fascination with mountains, how they challenge us, and how we respond. The combination of wonderful music and epic photography is powerful. An experience that remains with you, returning at unexpected moments, with notes…

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The Merchant of Venice-winner or loser?

The Merchant of Venice is another masterpiece where Shakespeare presents us with a variation on a fairytale situation that we are all familiar with, to expose our frailties as humans, to give us added insight and understanding. Bassanio is in love with the great lady Portia, and needs funds to be in a position where…

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Case study-the value of Litigation Support

Lawyers and professionals working with separated families aim to support clients to achieve their goals in the most respectful and efficient way. Empowering them to be able to make their own decisions is the best outcome, but this is not always possible. In situations where court becomes the necessary last resort, this can be a…

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What do family lawyers really think about FDR?

Join me to discuss What family lawyers really think about FDR, how this impacts on the strategic alliances that we form, and the expectations we can have for referrals.

“Johnno” by David Malouf-are we who we think we are, or who is reflected in those around us?

Last week I attended a Masterclass at Melbourne University on “Johnno” by David Malouf, one of our most celebrated writers. This is the first novel of this iconic Australian poet and author, published in 1975 at the height of the Whitlam Era. Patrick White described this as the best novel written by an Australian author…

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Breakfast Networking Seminar-Capacity for Decision Making 16 August 2017

Join me and two experienced professionals to discuss the important topic of “Capacity for Decision Making”. So often in family disputes there are important factors impacting on parties ability to make good decisions. These need to be identified, assessments need to be made as to the most appropriate process for the family to engage in…

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Beyond Mindfulness

There is no doubt that “mindfulness” is important for our wellbeing, happiness and ability to cope with the overload of information and stress of modern life. There is also no doubt that meditation is the key to being able to still our minds, obtain some inner peace and experience love, joy and happiness. I have…

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