The Second Independent Children’s Lawyers Conference

This event was on October 18, 2016.

A wonderful opportunity to join with other ICLs to discuss recent developments , and hear from leading professionals who can add to the tools we have available to assist with the demands of our role.

Hear Dr George Klein from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Queensland, Centre for Addiction medicine, discuss “Drug use and drug consequences in the context of family law”.

Learn about approaches in different jurisdictions from Dr Robert Simon, Custody Evaluator and Author, Forensic Psychology, United States.

Discuss “The New Normal-The profile of cases in family law and the impacts of trauma on child development” with Dr Rae Kaspiew, Australian Institute of Family Studies; Annette jackson, Trauma and healing, Berry Street Childhood Institute, Latrobe University; David Edney, CE Family Lawyers; and Josephine Hunt, Senior Family Consultant Chid Dispute Services, Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.

Participate with a panel of Independent Children’s Lawyers together with Justice Simon Moncrieff and Justice Peter Cole to consider “What’s Hard and How do I Crack It?

What a great programme!!


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