10 Tips for Parenting with Someone you Hate!


1. Minimise direct contact in the presence of the children- limit to common courtesies.

2. Do not say or imply anything negative about the other parent or their family in the hearing of the children.

3. Use a communication platform for the exchange of important information such as the App MyMob or

4. Obtain counselling or psychological support to move through the separation process-see Relationships Australia or GP referral.

5. Seek out information regarding the impact of separation on children and most importantly the consequences on brain development of children being exposed to ongoing conflict between parents.

6. Consult an experienced family lawyer to obtain information about your rights and entitlements and the likely range of outcomes from court.

7. Develop a clear and comprehensive Parenting Plan to provide boundaries around the parenting arrangements.

8. Move towards a Business Type Relationship so that you can work together on the business of parenting.

9. Have, in advance, an agreed method of dealing with problems.

10. Strictly comply with and enforce the terms of your Parenting Plan.

Contact Creative Family Law Solutions to discuss any of these ideas, develop your own action plan, or receive referrals to achieve any of these suggestions.

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