What techniques or behaviours by a mediator will assist parties reach resolution or will increase the difficulties of achieving a settlement?

This event was on March 28, 2018.

Join me and a panel of experienced mediators across a spectrum of fields including family, commercial, workplace and franchising to discuss techniques and behaviours of mediators that can positively or negatively affect the resolution of disputes.

Questions will be put to the panel based on an American Bar Association report and a survey conducted in Australia to test whether our experienced panellists agree or disagree with some of the conclusions reached in the literature of what assists or hinders mediators conducting a mediation.

The panellists will provide their insights on proposition including whether:

  • the most effective technique utilised by mediators is a pre-mediation conference;
  • party – party conferences are a core tool that increases resolution prospects;
  • applying pressure to parties to resolve a dispute decreases or has no effect on the prospects of resolution;
  • acting outside the role of a mediator adversely affects resolution prospects,

You will come out of this session with an understanding of what the literature reports on mediator behaviour and techniques and the insights of experienced practitioners who offer their perspective on the conclusions in the literature.

Event details

Date and time

Wednesday, 28 March
5.30pm Welcome & refreshments
6.00pm Commencement
7.00pm Close


Lecture ROBL11
Victoria University
Queen Street Campus


$35.00 Members
$45.00 Guests

To register contact the Resolution Institute office on (02) 9251 3366or

About the panellists 

Susan Hamilton-Green, 2017 Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner of the year, NMAS Mediator practising in the area of family and relationship disputes.



Rob Goldstein, Principal of Goldstein Mediation, NMAS Mediator, Accredited Specialist – Mediator practising in all areas of commercial disputes.


Mark Hebblewhite, Accredited Advanced Mediator (Victorian Bar), Chair of the Mediator Standards Board, Accredited Mediator (NMAS), FDRP.



Alicia Hill, Principal MST Lawyers, NMAS Mediator practising in dispute resolution and litigation.

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