Litigation support


Clients are often very anxious regarding litigation. They often require information and support around court events to understand what is involved, how to prepare in advance, and to what to expect.

This may involve:

  • Going to court for IVO proceedings,
  • Attending a court hearing in the Federal Circuit Court or Family Court,
  • Attending a meeting for the preparation of an expert report such as a valuation, Family Report, or Psychiatric Report.

Accurate and independent information and support can be crucial to the smooth running of a busy practice. I accept referrals from professionals wanting this type of support for their clients in a way that will reinforce their representation in the matter and be consistent with their overall management of the file.




This type of arrangement is flexible and generally managed on a session by session basis depending upon the needs of the matter, at an hourly rate as agreed in advance. Please contact me for more information and to discuss the possibilities for your matters.