Conflict coaching

CFL Solutions understands that separation can be a stressful time for everyone especially when children are involved. Both partners may experience a range of emotions including a sense of loss, grief, pain, anger and failure. This can make it extremely difficult for clients to understand what is required of them, and how best to prepare for negotiating important decisions regarding children and finances, with the other party.

This process can be very useful in situations where:

  • A client has great need to negotiate day to day matters with their former partner, but this has been counter-productive, and the other party is refusing to co-operate with the intervention of professional assistance such as counseling or mediation, Some intervention is required to promote understanding of the conflict and assist in the development of strategies to move forward;
  • The other party has agreed to attend collaborative law, conciliation or mediation, but communication is extremely difficult and emotions are running high. Assistance is required to understanding and coaching to prepare for this process and assist in managing it.
  • A client has to have a very difficult conversation with a former partner or another family member, and wants to prepare for this and develop an understanding of options and strategies
  • A client may have received an outcome from the court or by way of agreement, but can anticipate that there will be many difficulties with the implementation of this. They wish to explore options, and strategies to prepare best for this next phase of their lives.

Coaching is a relationship between a trained coach and a person who wants to change something about their current life. Conflict coaching involves an appreciation of immediate goals regarding conflict, what is important in achieving these goals for all parties, as well as possible approaches and obstacles. The focus is very much on the client as expert, to encourage discovery and clarity of what the client wants to achieve, to promote self-discovery, to elicit client-generated solutions and strategies, and to hold the client as responsible and accountable.

This is a voluntary and confidential process. It may be dispute specific (assist in resolving a particular problem), or involve general conflict competency (promote better management of conflict arising from an ongoing relationship).



This service can be provided in a variety of ways:

  1. Sessions can be conducted in person, by phone, skype or other social media. It is recommended that at least the initial session be conducted in person wherever possible. In person sessions can be at a venue to suit the client as agreed in advance. Please contact me to discuss the most appropriate arrangements in your circumstances.
  2. Services can be provided at an hourly rate, or as a package as set out below, payable in advance. Please contact me for further details.
  3. Initial sessions are recommended to be up to two hours. Subsequent sessions are up to one hour or as agreed in advance.
  4. Dispute specific coaching
    Involves the exploration of a specific problem and generally involves one two hour session and a review session to discuss agreements and their implementation.
  5. General conflict competency
    Services can be provided to support a client engaging in another dispute resolution process such as mediation, collaborative law, or litigation for the duration of this process. For example they might have a session to prepare for mediation, another to support them in the course of the mediation, and then another at the conclusion to develop strategies for implementation of the agreement.

Conflict management packages

Coaching Packages Dispute specific Basic Standard Premium
Initial 2 hour session
Month 1 (up to 3 additional sessions)
Month 2 (up to 3 sessions)
Month 3 (up to 3 sessions)
Subsequent months (up to 2 sessions)
Review (up to one hour)