Marcus Barlow

“I love working within a small team, and find it extremely gratifying when hard work results in a happy client.”

As Creative Family Law Solutions’ Accounts Administrator, Marcus Barlow brings infectious flair, enthusiasm and strong customer service skills to his role.

Marcus began his career within the hospitality and retail industries, earning managerial positions where he developed strong communication and quick problem-solving skills. He later branched out to work for companies including GE, Optus and Collection House. These roles not only provided insight into the world of financial services, but also a masterclass in how to navigate the complex relationships that people can have with their finances.

An advocate for the protection and care of animals, Marcus spent time working in animal fundraising before joining the CFLS team and returning to his first passion: customer service.

With a talent for remembering small details and a love of connection, Marcus is ready to complete any task given to him with gusto. Researching matters and putting together different solutions for our clients is a welcomed activity for Marcus, and he is someone who brings immediate respect and grace for those he works with, allowing our clients to feel at ease when discussing their financial circumstances.

He is a positive, energetic presence in the CFLS team, always taking the time to check-in, wishing everyone a positive week and being part of in-depth conversations where he can. Learning about the different aspects of family law has been a new and exciting experience for Marcus, and one that he looks forward to developing further.

When not corresponding with our CFLS clients, Marcus loves to spend time with friends and family, read a gripping biography and is an avid fan of the classic Australian television series, Prisoner Cell Block H. A fun fact about him is that he previously trained as a makeup artist and was Priceline’s first male cosmetician. Marcus is also a candle and home scent lover, testing candles and providing feedback for companies developing new scents in his spare time.

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