Lawyers as Change Maker

This event was on April 12, 2017.

I hope you will join me at this wonderful workshop at the RACV Club on 12 April 2017 to explore the question-Are integrative models of legal practice now the most apt and sophisticated response when family and interpersonal conflict, including family violence, intersect with the law?

I will be participating on the panel to discuss this and associated questions, and hope to engage in some debate about what this means for us as lawyers and how we move forward.
This one day workshop by J Kim Wright will be of vital interest to lawyers working in family law, wills and estates, elder law, personal insolvency and shareholder oppression in small and family businesses.

J Kim Wright is the USA-based author of “Lawyers as Peacemakers” and “Lawyers as Change Makers” and she will explore the global shift in the way law is practised today. Ms Wright will teach her unique international overview and understanding of how new models of legal practice integrate the wisdom and knowledge of other disciplines, save resources and focus on resolution. As the years pass, fewer cases are litigated, with many fewer proceeding to final determination, and yet our law schools continue to train us for combat. Why?
This workshop is concerned with the highest standards of professional practice and service to clients, as well as to sustaining energy and interest in your own career.
The day will expand your thinking about:

  • your role as a lawyer
  • what best practice looks like today
  • sharing professional skills
  • unlocking information silos
  • how recognising your values and purpose leads to an understanding of the systemic change that happens with innovation

The seminar will look at the many ways of managing conflict, before it explodes into litigation, so preserving assets and limiting damage to business and personal relationships.
Ms Wright will share what she has learnt from her 28 years as a lawyer, 23 years of working to transform law, 9 of years travelling the globe as a nomad, speaker, teacher, and student of others, from the USA and Canada, to Great Britain, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and India.
She will be joined by a panel of innovative/change making lawyers from Victoria who work creatively in their businesses and practices. For part of the day, participants will choose separate streams according to areas of practice.
The panel members will each give a short presentation on their work in conflict management and prevention, and how they have integrated new thinking into their practice. The panel sessions will be interactive.
The expectation of the day is that the sharing from the various practice areas will allow us to ask the question “Where does Victoria go from here”? and formulate one or more resolutions towards the creation of new best practice models and standards.

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