Conversation series-Support for Children after Separation

This event was on May 27, 2019.

Do not miss the next instalment in our Conversation Series when I discuss the vital topic of “Supporting Children after Separation” with my special guest Cathie Hutchinson.

Cathie has a lifetime of experience and qualifications that make her the perfect person to discuss this complex but fascinating subject. She has a teaching background of over 30 years, before moving into social work and becoming an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker in community organisations and now as a private practitioner. She works with adults and children, and provides general counselling and parenting support, dealing with issues including school refusal, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, life coaching, assertiveness and supervision.

Cathie uses a combination of approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Relations, and Psycho Social Information Skills Training. She is influenced by the approach of Dr Ross Green who advocates Collaborative and Proactive Problem Solving with children and young people to enhance parent child communication and teach problem solving and empathy to children.

I cannot wait to learn from Cathie how we might be able to enhance our practice by using some of her ideas and supports for the separated families that we assist. In my experience, the children are often overlooked, and as a family lawyer and ICL I struggle in my search to understand the different options available for support to children in the separation process.

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