Conversation Series- Expert Reports in Family Law

This event was on March 20, 2019.

Join me for the next instalment in our Conversation Series with Hemal Ganatra talking about Expert Reports in Family Law Disputes.

We all have to discuss with our clients from time to time the need to have all the relevant information available when making decisions about sharing the family pool of assets. Obtaining a valuation is an important part of this, and there are many professional issues that need to be considered in ensuring that the most appropriate information is obtained.

Hemal and I will cover various aspects regarding the appointment of experts and the issues that can arise with complex property matters including assessing reports, preparing an expert to give evidence in court, and the relevant court rules regarding experts and their evidence.

Hemal is a Director at Accord Appraisals and has 20 years’ experience in property valuation with specialisation in Insolvency, Commercial Litigation and Family Law. His valuation experience is spread across the commercial, industrial and residential property sectors throughout Victoria and New South Wales. Hemal is an industry expert, speaker and professional Valuation Standards Trainer, having undertaken numerous seminars on Family Law topics such as the Appointment of an expert, Conflict of Interest, Code of Conduct and more importantly the scope and limitations of an expert report. Hemal also conducts forensic assessments of expert reports in family law and commercial litigation.

CONVERSATION SERIES: Expert Reports in Family Law – with Hemal GanatraWatch the video of Susan Hamilton-Green and special guest – Director of Accord Appraisals, Hemal Ganatra – discuss how to appoint the right expert, how best to avoid conflicts of interest and how best to ensure expertise and competency across various areas of litigation.Stay tuned for Creative Family Law's next installment in their Conversation Series!

Posted by Creative Family Law Solutions on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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