Making social media work for your business

I am very privileged to have Melbourne’s leading expert on marketing and social media, Iolanthe Gabrie, sharing breakfast and her wisdom with me on Wednesday 23 October, 2019. Connect with us live on FaceBook from 8.00 am to find out about the benefits of social media, when it is appropriate, what platform to use, how…

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“See what you made me do” Insights into Family Violence

Join me and psychologist Ena Shaw to discuss insights regarding family violence in the context of the current best seller “See what you made me do” by Jess Hill. This is an amazing book that gives great insight into the roles of both victim and perpetrator, and how we as professionals working in this area…

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Conversation series-Support for Children after Separation

Do not miss the next instalment in our Conversation Series when I discuss the vital topic of “Supporting Children after Separation” with my special guest Cathie Hutchinson. Cathie has a lifetime of experience and qualifications that make her the perfect person to discuss this complex but fascinating subject. She has a teaching background of over…

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Reflective practice-The path to improvement!

Working with separated families is challenging!  Every family is unique and requires a unique, sensitive and sophisticated approach. The complexity of families has increased dramatically, and to do justice to our work, every professional needs to understand not only our primary area of expertise, but also sufficient about associated areas to work effectively in a…

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Conversation Series- Expert Reports in Family Law

Join me for the next instalment in our Conversation Series with Hemal Ganatra talking about Expert Reports in Family Law Disputes. We all have to discuss with our clients from time to time the need to have all the relevant information available when making decisions about sharing the family pool of assets. Obtaining a valuation…

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Family mediators- what to expect?

Are you unsure of what to expect when you engage a family mediator to assist with a family dispute? Are you confused by the differing descriptions of facilitators as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and/or Nationally Accredited Mediators? What does it mean to be a professional mediator? Join me for the next instalment of our Conversation…

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Dealing with the presence of danger

Join me for our next Conversation Series when I will talk about this fascinating topic with experienced family lawyer Paul Roberts. We will base our discussion on the book by Gavin De Becker “The Gift of Fear”. Gavin De Becker is a personal security expert and behavioural consultant who deals in his book with the…

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Giving children a voice in parenting disputes

This month with our Conversation Series we will be exploring how to bring children into family disputes by giving them a voice in the decision-making process. Join me at 8.00 am on Tuesday 25 September when I will be discussing this vital and fascinating topic with my guest Con Economou. Con has a long history…

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Supports for Separating Families

Join me and my special guest Melinda Nutting to discuss what supports are available for separating families and how these can be accessed and implemented to ensure best possible outcomes. Melinda is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Child-Inclusive Practitioner, Certificate of Holistic Counselling, Grad Dip Teaching (Primary), Certificate Rudolf Steiner Education. I am very pleased…

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Conversation Series- The benefits of Parenting Plans

I join with Ena Shaw for this episode of our Conversation Series responding to the recent energy regarding  the benefits of Parenting Plans. Issues covered include: what is a parenting plan, when an agreement should be converted into a parenting plan, the main features including enforceability, impact on Court Orders and flexibility.