Case study

Child focus- working together for good parenting outcomes?

In Family Dispute Resolution you have the great advantage of hearing the stories from both parents, and the opportunity to work with these to avoid the parents becoming entrenched and positional. Child focus moves the discussion away from the position and needs of the individual parents, and on to the child. The questions change from…

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The Benefits of Patience & Teamwork

  I am currently supporting ‘Alice’  in the resolution of parenting and financial issues arising from her separation approximately two years ago. Recently we reviewed her journey, and realized that it is a very good example of the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to family disputes. Alice had been in a relationship for about 12…

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Family Dispute Resolution Survey Overview

Over 4 weeks from August to September, 110 family law solicitors throughout Melbourne and the surrounding regional centres were surveyed to obtain their opinions and experiences of Family Dispute Resolution services. Approximately 50 % responded and the following is a summary of the information provided. The family law practitioners surveyed stated that Family Dispute Resolution…

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